Built For Today And For The Future

This year’s introduction of Toro’s new all-electric fixed-head Greensmaster® e1021 mower extends the golf industry’s largest lineup of all-electric and hybrid mowers and utility vehicles. Toro’s advanced lithium-ion technology ensures long operation time, high productivity, and reduced operating costs. And you can get an early start, too, because the quiet operation lets you work anytime even in areas with noise restrictions or regulations.

Lithium-Ion Greensmaster Mowers

The Greensmaster name is synonymous with excellence, and the lineup of all-electric Greensmaster mowers maintains the superior cutting quality and ease of use while advancing efficiency.

The new all-electric fixed-head Greensmaster e1021 mower can mow up to 35,000 square feet (over 3,000 square meters) of turf on a single charge. It features Toro’s proven DPA cutting units and a 21-inch (53.34 cm) cutting width for a perfect combination of cutting performance, easy maneuverability and productivity. A convenient LCD screen gives the operator an instant view of the ongoing battery charge status and can also indicate diagnostics, machine hours, overall battery health and initiate backlapping.

The Greensmaster eFlex 1021 adds quiet lithium-ion operation to the already popular Flex™ 1021. The DPA cutting units feature Toro’s EdgeSeries reels for a superior cut with improved reel edge retention. The innovative telescoping loop handle also helps to deliver a more consistent cut, adjusting easily to comfortably accommodate operators of varying heights and reduce operator fatigue.

The EnergySmart™ technology in the Greensmaster eTriFlex™ 3370 riding mower ensures the perfect blend of power and efficiency for all-day operation. With all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting units, the eTriFlex 3370 operates with low noise. With greaseless bearings and no hydraulics to leak, the eTriFlex 3370 protects greens as well.

Quietly Efficient Hybrid Mowers

The industry’s first fairway mower with a true hybrid drive system, the Reelmaster® 5010-H uses PowerMatch technology to pair the diesel engine with a self-charging battery pack. When challenging mowing conditions demand more power, the battery pack takes the load of the cutting units away from the engine, leaving more available horsepower for the traction circuit. The result is quiet operation that saves fuel and cuts operating costs, all while delivering an outstanding after-cut appearance.

The Greensmaster eTriFlex 3360 features a gas engine that drives a generator for the power you want and the quiet operation you need. The efficient design provides up to 20 percent fuel savings over comparable Triflex mowers. Like the eTriFlex 3370, the 3360’s components for traction, steering, lift and cutting units are all-electric, and there are no hydraulics to leak.

Two other Greensmaster hybrid mowers are the gas-powered TriFlex 3320 and diesel-powered TriFlex 3420. Both models feature an all-electric reel drive that reduce noise, eliminate hydraulic leaks and deliver plenty of power for unparalleled performance in challenging cutting applications. They include an energy-saving mode that reduces the engine’s RPMs while maintaining a constant reel speed through the all-electric reel drive. This results in lower fuel consumption and noise while maintaining quality of cut, performance and productivity.

Workman® GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted

Get quiet performance from your utility vehicle, too, with the Workman GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted. It offers three additional inches (7.6 cm) of ground clearance compared to traditional Workman GTX vehicles, protecting turf and making it easier for operators to drive over rough or uneven areas without causing damage. It also has the largest cargo capacity of any lithium-ion powered model in its class, up to 1,200 lbs (544 kg) of capacity for a two-seat configuration with a bed. In addition to the quiet operation and plenty of power, the lithium-ion technology reduces maintenance needs.

The Course Whisperers

Toro’s all-electric and hybrid mowers and utility vehicles are ideal for courses everywhere, especially those near homes, resorts and anywhere with noise restrictions or regulations in place. The highly efficient operation with zero or low engine exhaust emissions also helps courses meet environmental and sustainability goals for a better future.

To learn more about Toro all-electric and hybrid mowers and utility vehicles, visit your local Toro distributor.