5 Ways Toro Irrigation Can Put Time Back in Your Day

How many more jobs on your to-do list could you tackle with a few extra hours each day? That’s the ultimate benefit of precise water application. The more control and accuracy you have, the less time you need to spend on managing your irrigation — and Toro makes that possible with products designed for the most precise irrigation in the industry.

In fact, all the benefits of Toro® irrigation products really add up to one thing: empowering you to do the best job you can do in significantly less time. Here’s a closer look at five ways Toro’s irrigation solutions can help you move on to the next task faster:

  1. Your office goes where YOU are. With Lynx® remote access and Lynx Mobile Apps, you can access your Lynx Control System from anywhere using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. A traditional office is no longer the required hub of operations. Whether you’re at home, on the road or out on the golf course, you can have full access and control of the system — simply and securely.
  2. You can control irrigation down to the exact second and angle you need.
    How do you achieve the playing conditions golfers expect yet stay within the budget you have available? The answer to getting the biggest “bang for the buck” is precision. Toro irrigation products deliver unmatched precision in several key ways:
  • Toro’s Lynx Central Control system allows you to calculate runtimes to the second, not just to the nearest minute. This level of precision is exclusive to Toro. With this capability, when you “water by amount,” each sprinkler runs for the exact amount of time to apply the exact amount of water needed, allowing for more consistent application of water to all parts of the course.
  • Toro’s Lynx Central Control system also allows you to program the exact sprinkler arc one degree at a time, ensuring it calculates the coverage area accurately. Competitive products only allow programming in 90-degree increments, which means the area calculations for part-circle sprinklers in competitive systems are not correct. The result is that when watering by amount, the calculated runtimes are based on the wrong area — which causes the wrong amount of water to be applied.
  • Toro INFINITY® 35-6/55-6 Series golf rotors feature Trujectory™ adjustment, which allows you to change the relative angle at which water leaves the sprinkler from 7 to 30 degrees in one-degree increments. You can target water around obstacles such as tree branches, bunkers and mounds, and avoid distortion by the wind — putting water exactly where you want it for maximum distribution uniformity.

Together, these precision tools make it possible to apply the exact amount of water needed in any given area of the golf course. Just think: In a system with thousands of sprinklers, even 30 seconds difference in run time can make a big difference! The savings quickly add up.

  1. Making informed irrigation decisions is easier.
    Toro’s Lynx Central Control offers the ability to see the history of water application, where (and how much) you have watered, weather station data, pump station data, soil moisture data, and much more. With so much information at your fingertips, you’ll have the insights you need to make informed decisions about future applications.
  2. Technology is on your side.
    Toro irrigation products also leverage technology to save time in major ways. For example, the Lynx Mobile App suite includes a map of the golf course that uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location. When you hit “Find Me,” the map zooms to your location and turns around with you, so the sprinkler you see in front of you on the map is the sprinkler in front of you on the course. There’s no learning curve; finding a sprinkler is as easy as finding a nearby restaurant on your smartphone.

Similarly, the Lynx Mobile App saves favorite commands for operations you frequently use, so you don’t have to memorize numbers or know the names of commands. The technology does it for you; all you have to do is touch a button on your smartphone.

  1. You get more data, faster (so you can water more efficiently).
    With our latest Lynx Central Control system — Lynx 7.0 — we have created a new high-speed network that allows us to communicate more information in less time. It’s essentially 100 times faster than our previous communication network.

Within minutes, you can know the status of the entire irrigation system. That means instead of spending time driving around the golf course looking for issues, you can finally get around to your to-do list with that extra time.

What’s more, if you run diagnostics and the system finds an issue, Lynx 7.0 will pinpoint where the problem is on the course map. Plus, the new Lynx Smart Module in INFINITY sprinklers has LED lights that flash diagnostic patterns to confirm you’ve found the sprinkler that needs attention.

Another innovation that will help you move on to the next task faster is the SMART ACCESS® design on INFINITY sprinklers. This design provides top access to all critical components with just a screwdriver; no digging with a shovel or unsightly turf repair scars.

Why It Matters
Of all the equipment in your fleet, the biggest single piece of machinery you operate is your irrigation system. Shouldn’t you expect it to deliver the same level of precision and attention to detail that you get from your mowers? Precision irrigation is no different from dialing in the ideal height of cut and keeping reels sharpened to perfection — and the more precise tools you have, the easier it is to achieve.

Visit toro.com/irrigation/golf or contact your local Toro distributor to learn more about Toro’s precision water management solutions and how they can help you save time and water while maintaining the highest standards of playability.