Now Toro’s Lynx® GDC 2-wire control system offers another option to help you save time: the Lynx Smart Hub. This new type of field controller adds security, programmability and sensing to the benefits and simplicity of a 2-wire system. Features include:


Flexible Installation Options

  • Local or remote
  • Pedestal or wall mount
  • Wireless or optional wired two-way communication with a range of up to two miles, allowing for road crossings and phased irrigation projects


Two-Wire Technology

  • Enables operators to control up to 500 sprinklers per hub
  • Stores and runs a fully flow-managed irrigation schedule
  • Creates a point of connection for soil, flow and status sensors


Simplified Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Dispersion of holes within the two-wire system enables local fault analysis that does not interfere with other holes
  • Lynx Smart Hub units can be fitted with a repeater for use with Turf Guard® wireless soil sensors

Lynx Smart Hub units can be placed anywhere on the golf course with wireless communication, ultimately saving time and increasing productivity. For more information about the Lynx Smart Hub and other Toro irrigation products, see your local Toro distributor or visit